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ZERO BREEZE Portable Air Conditioners

 Make the world a little cooler

 In 2016, the creators of Zero Breeze designed the first real portable battery-powered air conditioner by gaining support from Kickstarter crowdfunding. Empowered by millions of people through this crowdfunding effort, the original Mark 1 battery-powered portable AC was launched in a way that subverted industry imagination. In 2019, The Zero Breeze team learned from the first-generation experiences and mistakes and launched a more mature and better true battery-driven air conditioner- the Mark 2.

Zero Breeze

Zero Breeze went from the impossible as considered by traditional air-conditioning industry experts, to being recognized by industry experts. From the absence of matching parts and lack of suppliers to having industry top-grade professional suppliers cooperate with them, working together in research and development to make the best most reliable portable, battery-operated AC unit on the market today.


This page is dedicated to the innovators and dreamers at Zero Breeze. And to the innovative AC they made to help you make all your adventures cooler and more enjoyable. From here on my website, you can get direct access to their products as well as have access to all sales, discounts, and promotions as they become available!

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