The # 1 Name in all Things Outdoors!

At REI one can find the widest variety of high-quality outdoor gear on the planet! Because of their dedication to all things outdoors, REI has become one of the most well-known and trusted names in the outdoor gear platform. REI is dedicated to helping you enjoy all of your adventures by providing you with top-notch gear for all of your outdoor needs.

At REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc.) they believe a life outdoors is a life well-lived! They believe that it’s in the wild, untamed, and natural places that we can all find our best selves, so their purpose is to awaken a lifelong love of the outdoors, for all. Since 1938, they have been your local outdoor co-op, working to help you experience the transformational power of nature. They bring you top-quality gear and apparel, expert advice, rental equipment, and inspiring stories of life outside and outdoor experiences to enjoy alone or share with your friends and family. And because they have no shareholders, with every purchase you make with REI, you are choosing to steward the outdoors, support sustainable business and help the fight for life outside.

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