Jackery Portable Powers Stations

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Jackery Portable Power Stations were first created in California in 2012. Since then, Jackery has become a pioneer of the solar generator industry and a global top-selling solar generator brand recognized by over 100 authorized media and organizations worldwide. Jackery inspires an active outdoor lifestyle with eco-friendly, ready-to-go anytime, anywhere products. From small devices to powerful appliances, Jackery caters to an assortment of people’s differing power needs. Not just as portable power for the people who love to spend time outdoors, but also as a backup power source for families at home.

Jackery Portable Solar Power Stations

Best in Class: With over 9 years of experience in the field, Jackery is now a global energy leader, the number one producer of portable power, and one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of outdoor solar utilities. In redefining the use of clean energy for outdoor living, they are a major front in the fight against climate change with their eco-friendly designs and we are all in this together attitude.

Evolution: Over the years Jackery has evolved with technology and has designed a range of models to suit the various needs of travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, mobile families, and other people actively on the go. To further their goal of making electricity greener and more efficient, in 2020 Jackery expanded its product line to tightly integrate portability with solar power—the Solar Generator series, designed to effectively combine power stations with solar panels. There is no other company on the planet that takes its mission to supply portable solar power in an eco-friendly way than Jackery.

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