Great Shoes for Hiking

The Make-or-Break Footwear for Every Adventure

We’ll just get right down to the nitty-gritty about what it means to buy the best shoes for hiking. The number one item that every person who would like to enjoy the great outdoors needs to look into is buying the best hiking boots available. I cannot even fathom the array of boots out there, but I can tell you from ten-plus years of working outdoors as a land surveyor that boots are an important item! I’ve spent another 30-plus years out exploring this amazing earth on foot as an experienced hiker and I can say I have never worn anything but my Timberlands. I’m currently on my third pair of the exact same boot. I consider these to be the best waterproof hiking boots on the market.

Best Shoes For Hiking

My first pair of Timerlands took me on thru-hikes across Ireland, Scotland, and beyond. The second pair took me on an eight-month (they lasted way more than eight months buts that’s the amount of time I was backpacking around the world) adventure circumnavigating the globe including a thru-hike in New Zealand. My third pair is currently positioned in my van Taj and are awaiting any and all trails I’ll be partaking in this year as I travel cross country from my home in Florida and back again. Timberland hikers have a top-notch reputation, are water resistant, and can literally tackle any trail, long, short, or in between. Where do you think your first, or next adventure, might take you? Check out the links below, grab yourself a pair of Timberlands, hit the trail, and enjoy Mother Nature at its finest! Timberland makes a special cut boot for Women and Men!

Now if Timberlands don’t seem to be your jam Columbia Makes a fine men’s and women’s boot and my other recommendation is Merrell women’s or men’s. Both are a solid choice for purchasing one of the best waterproof hiking boots made today!

Now it is my humble opinion that having a great pair of hiking poles to help you along the climb on that next trail, you should go and check out my blog post about The Best Trekking and Hiking Poles made by Black Diamond. No matter whose blog you might read trust me when I say they all include a Black Diamond for sure!

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