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The Number One Name in Electric Coolers, Ice Chests, and Portable Refrigerators

Dometic Coolers, Ice Chests, and Refrigerators

Dometic Electric Coolers and Refrigerators will be the topic for this blog post! This blog is for you if you are living the mobile life, whether full-time or as a weekend warrior. Or, if you are thinking about hitting the road to adventure and are looking for some solid advice from an avid traveler then you have come to the right place! And not just any traveler but one who has been living full-time in a van for the past three years! So let me share my knowledge with you so you too can put some adventure into your life! Today I will be sharing with you my knowledge of the best fridges, coolers, and ice chests on the market. And that, without a doubt, is the Dometic! To be sure, other than a power source, one of the most important aspects of living on the road is refrigeration! So, let’s get started!

Dometic Electric Coolers and Refrigerators

Silver and Black Dometic Electric CoolerThere is only one name that will come up time and time again on all vlogs, blogs, and posts when anyone talks about that perfect electric cooler, fridge, or ice chest and that is Dometic. I own and have been using my Dometic electric cooler for almost three years now and it is still going strong. Whether you’re off to get away for a few hours, or a few days, or are going for it full-time, reliable refrigeration is a must. Dometic offers a wide variety of electric coolers, in a thermoelectric, compressor, or absorption options as well as iceboxes which are non-powered coolers with extremely effective insulation. Dometic also offers a wide variety of sizes and styles of electric refrigerators to fit any need or budget.

Now I went with a Dometic electric cooler which fit perfectly into my meager budget. As I said my electric cooler is still going strong after almost three years of continuous use. Its solid construction and the industry-shaping electric compressor technology inside it, and inside every Dometic electric cooler mean less worry and more confidence that all your cold storage goods will be kept at a safe and consistent temperature at all times. The Dometic’s versatile addition to the portable powered cooler line is the CFF 35 which is probably the closest thing to what I use (as mine is no longer available). It’s a great little cooler and with the generous insulation built into the CFF 35 it is very efficient and ensures excellent cooling performance. But be sure to go check out all their awesome styles and sizes to find one that fits your particular needs. And just so you know; Dometic also carries a variety of ice chests as well. In case that is more of what you are looking for. Whatever your adventure, Dometic has a wide variety of durable ice chests with best-in-class insulation that will keep your ice from melting long beyond a standard ice chest.

Now let’s talk refrigerators! Dometic has a ton of options if you would prefer a more conventional look and feel of a refrigerator rather than a “cooler.” They carry RV refrigerators, Camper Van fridges, mini-fridges, and even ones made for your boat, just to name a few. As Dometic started out making mobile refrigeration products it’s not surprising that more outdoor people use their cooling products more than any other brand on the market today. Over the years, they have sold many millions of units. Dometic delivers refrigeration efficiency and features you will not find anywhere else with any other brand.

And to top it all off Dometic also carries a ton of other outdoor gear you might need to get you started on that first or next grand adventure! So, use the handy links embedded in this blog to go check out all the great options Dometic has to offer and I’ll see you out there on the road to adventure!

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