Black Diamond

Outdoor Equipment for Your Next Great Adventure!

Black Diamond Outdoor Equipment is a manufacturer of gear made for adventure! A well-known and well-respected company that is dedicated to hiking, climbing, skiing, and mountain sports. I personally have never owned anything other than Black Diamond hiking poles and have used them to traverse thru-hikes in Ireland, Scotland, and New Zealand. Those poles also go with me on all the hikes I take whether it be a day hike or just a few precious hours out in nature. Keep in mind hiking poles only scratch the surface of the high-quality equipment Black Diamond has to offer! The avid outdoors person or the beginner looking to put some adventure into their lives can find all their hiking, climbing, and skiing needs all on one awesome site!



This page is dedicated to Black Diamond products which aim to help you access the great outdoors! From here you can get direct access to their products as well as have access to all sales, discounts, and promotions as they become available!

So, get your gear and I’ll see you out there on the trail! Be sure to check back for my trending gear blogs and deals!