What are the Best Trekking and Hiking Poles?

Make Every Hike an Adventure!

The Best Hiking/Trekking Poles for You

 Make Every Hike an Adventure!

As an avid outdoorsy person who loves to spend time in nature, my hiking poles are a must-have item. If you are one who loves to hike in all manner of woodlands, then grabbing a pair of high-quality trekking poles is essential. In my humble yet experienced opinion, Black Diamond Hiking Poles fit that bill to the fullest. If you are a hiker of any sort: day, solo, or thru, having the right hiking poles can make or break your hiking adventure.


As a land surveyor for many years, getting out and hiking wasn’t exactly a priority for me as I spent all my time tramping around deep in the woods and swamps of North Florida. However, once I left that job to pursue other forms of employment, I missed being out in the woods. I began hiking as often as I could wherever I could. On my very first outings, I did not use any hiking poles at all. Nor did one need them in Florida’s flat terrain. However, once I began to spread my wings (or feet to be more accurate), I began to hit some trails with a lot more elevation. It was then I decided to get some poles to help me feel more sturdy and secure on my subsequent quests for adventure. I did my research, just as you are doing now, and I bought a pair of Black Diamond Hiking Poles. The Black Diamond Hiking Poles are the only poles I have ever purchased since my first pair back in 2009.

Black Diamonds are my go-to poles and for good reason. Made with lightweight, collapsible aluminum, built with long-lasting comfortable grips, and a durable design, these hiking poles are great for any occasion. The ones I bought are especially great for thru-hikes as they weigh only a meager .74 ounces. Since my first 100-plus mile-thru-hike across Ireland in 2012, I have trekked across Scotland and tramped the Abel Tasman Trail in New Zealand. I also ambled my way around the world hiking in Switzerland, Norway, England, and many points in between. All I might add, with my trusty Black Diamond Hiking Poles to help me along the way.

With my Black Diamond Hiking Poles providing me with an abundance of confidence, not only have my hikes become more challenging they have also become a constant source of joy as well. Black Diamond can help you garner that same feeling of confidence as you hike those trails you’ve always dreamt about. I encourage you to get out there and hit the pathway to adventure! Traverse that ridgeline! Tackle that desert! Summit that peak! Be sure to make all your explorations on this awesome planet a safe and resounding success by checking out Black Diamond Hiking Poles! Whichever pair you choose, they will surely help you get to the top of that mountain…and back again!




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