Best Pocket Knives Under 50 Dollars

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Best Pocket Knives for Under 50 Dollars

I’ll be honest, I LOVE knives! I don’t know why. I just think they are cool. In my humble opinion purchasing one of the best pocket knives under 50 dollars available is essential in all things outdoors. I carry an Uncle Henry. It is a simple pocketknife that I always take with me while I am out hiking. Rugged yet stylish, it is my go-to knife. I also have an awesome utility knife for camp, the GVDV Utility Pocketknife. If you go on a long thru-hike this is also the knife you would want to carry. I love the flat black slate color and it comes with a sharpening stone. One of the knives you might prefer is one I call my Daniel Boone knife! A cherry wood handle sets off this beauty of a knife.

 More of the Best Pocket Knives Under 50 Dollars

Although not a folding knife, the cherry wood handled Snake Eye Hunting Knife is the one I wear to make me feel like a grand adventurer! Or perhaps it is the one you might use if you must wrestle a bear or mountain lion and want a fighting chance! I also happen to have a Laguiole which is a real beauty. This knife is the one knife here that is NOT under 50 bucks but it is an amazing showpiece. And of course, we can’t forget the classic Swiss Army Knife, which is always a good solid knife to keep around. Along the way you will find having a knife is always handy and you will use more than you think. Whichever knife you chose it will go everywhere with you and become a standard part of what you grab as you head out to explore the great outdoors.   


I love a good knife (obviously), but I think it is important to have a good machete and a good hatchet on hand as well! So, I decided to add this section in the event you also might need something sharp which is a tad bigger than a pocket knife! I carry both in my van and they fulfill my need to have lots of sharp objects in the general vicinity of my camp. Not to mention one can use them as a self-defense weapon as well! Also, having a freshly sharpened cutting tool on hand is important for gathering and chopping firewood (where permitted of course) as well as cooking and other tasks around camp.

More Sharp Objects!

Back in the day when I was a wee lass, I was also a land surveyor. Having a machete on hand always was the standard operating procedure. The Tramontina 24inch Machete was the exact one all the surveyors I knew used and the one I recommend. My expert advice is to never buy a machete with a saw blade on the backside of the cutting blade. Swinging one of those can be a disaster waiting to happen as the saw blade on the back can grab vines and branches on the back swing and rip the machete right out of your hand on the subsequent forward motion. This will cause said sharp and pointy object to fly haphazardly into some other unsuspecting part of your anatomy. So be sure to choose one with a flat back like the one pictured.


As far as hatchet is concerned, I guess most will do, but I think you will like the one I use at camp to chop wood into kindling. The WilFiks 15-inch Chopping Axe is the perfect size and weight for any task you may have around the campsite. And it is stylish in its black and green too! Now you can go out and chop, hack and carve your way to your next grand adventure!

Best Pocket knife for Under 50 Dollars

So here is your call to action! Grab yourself one of the best pocket knives under 50 dollars on the market today! Be sure to make all your explorations on this awesome planet a safe and resounding success by checking out all my travel adventures on my InstagramFacebook, and  TikTok! And BTW while you are here be sure to check out my blog on some other awesome Camping Gear you might find handy for your next awesome adventure!

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