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“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.”  Marc Anthony

FAQ Affiliate Links, Affiliate Associates, and Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?
Affiliate marketing, which utilizes “affiliate links,” is a simple way to generate income by a person partnering with a company which supplies, and then allows, that person to share links to the company’s products. The “Affiliate Associate” can then share those specialized links on a website or other platform. In return for “advertising” those products the affiliate associate gets paid a commission for any qualifying sales.

Is there any extra cost or expense for the customer/consumer for using the link to purchase products?
One thing I think all customers/consumers should know is that utilizing an affiliate link has NO hidden costs, fees, or charges! The product(s) you are considering buying will be the exact same cost as if you bought it straight from the company itself.

Then why buy through an affiliate link?
Buying through an affiliate link does two things:

One: An affiliate link is created so that it can take you, the reader/consumer, from a well written, informative blog, a well-crafted, enjoyable newsletter, or from any other allowable platform, and quickly and conveniently open a new tab which will link you instantaneously to the products that you are reading/learning about and may consider buying. In this way, you can gather more in-depth info and make an even more informed decision about that product. If you decide to buy or are just window shopping, once you close the link, you will automatically be taken back to the website or other media so you can easily continue with your exploration of the site.

Two: By purchasing products through any affiliate link, be it on this platform or someone else’s, you will be supporting the creator of the media platform in which you are using. This allows us, the creator, to continue our work. To generate an income so we can continue to spend our time researching our given field, providing quality content, quality products, and so we can continue to bring to the masses our expertise in our field. Mine happens to be a love of traveling and adventure. Purchasing through any of my affiliate links helps me make a living while doing what I love, sharing my deep knowledge of travel and adventure with the masses. It helps me continue to create content that encourages and inspires people to live outside the box. To help people just like you to dream, plan, and execute those plans and dreams into a future grand adventure!

I hope this helps you understand what affiliate programs are and how they work! Thank you so much for visiting my site and happy living!