About Me

“The boat is safer anchored at the port; but that is not the aim of boats.” Writer Paulo Coelho


The Seine River, Paris 2011

The Seine River, Paris 2011

Hi! My name is Kristine and I want to inspire you to live a life outside the box! I want to motivate you to put some adventure into your life! You can travel the world or find that adventure in your own backyard. So let me tell you, and the adventurer in you, about myself.

In the Beginning

A humble Canadian who moved south and ended up growing up in the wilds of the Florida interior, I was from a young age, curious about the world around me and about what existed in the world outside my small town. Not until I had married, had kids, and they spread their wings and left the proverbial nest, did I really come into my own, all at the tender age of 50. That is when the story of my journey to find adventure really began.

Diamond Hill, Ireland 2012

Diamond Hill, Ireland 2012


In 2011, I left the confines of the USA and headed for Europe for my first overseas trip. I was…enamored. Bitten by the travel bug, my feet had yet to touch the shores back in the United States before I was planning my next grand adventure. I subsequently was able to work, save as much money as possible, and every other year since that first wonderous journey, I have taken myself on some type of incredible adventure.

Loch Lomond, Scotland, 2014

Loch Lomond, Scotland, 2014

In 2012, I did my first thru hike where I ambled along Kerry Way. This is a long-distance trail that winds 100 miles through the hills and dales of Ireland. It was 2014 when I found myself hiking the West Highland Way. On that journey, I hiked 100 miles through the Scottish ancestral lands of my family. Staying closer to home, in 2016 I drove 10,000 miles around America, exploring over 30 states along the way. In 2018, I scraped and saved enough money to quit my job and take off for 8 months on my dream adventure to circumnavigate the globe. Finally in 2020, during this crazy pandemic, I bought a van, built it into a tiny home on wheels, named it Taj, and drove over 35,000 miles all thru this amazing and beautiful country from Florida to Maine, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and as many points as I could find in between.

 To Inspire

All these journeys I might add, I was a solo explorer. I want you to know, if I can do it, you can do it! So here I am inviting you to take that chance! Take that leap! Follow me as I show you, and hopefully inspire you, to dream big, put together an awesome plan, and then make those dreams a reality! 

Figure 2New Zealand 2018

 New Zealand 2018

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